Mrs. Erin Anderson


2017-18: History 7History 12Honors History 12American Civilization

2016-17: History 7, History 12, Honors History 12, American Civilization

2015-16: History 7 (Western Civ I), History 8 (Western Civ II), Modern & US History

Erin Anderson attended the University of California, San Diego and earned her B.S. in Political Science and History. After spending a semester interning on Capitol Hill, she decided to pursue her love of teaching and earned her teaching credential at San Diego State University. Erin's husband works for the United States Government and his employment has earned Erin residency in multiple states. While living in Alexandria, VA, Erin taught middle school History and English for Fairfax County Public Schools.  After completing a library-based internship at CNN News in Washington, DC, Erin and her husband moved to Cherry Hill, NJ. While heading a Digital Imaging Project for the University of Pennsylvania, Erin earned her Master's degree in Library Science. Erin is very excited to be teaching History 7, American Civ, and U.S. and Modern History 12! In her free time, she enjoys exercising, reading, gardening, and attending women's bible study. Erin currently resides in Reston, VA with her three children, husband, and very lovable yellow Labrador.

Mrs. Anne Angstenberger


2017-18: History 9Honors History 9History 12

2016-17: History 9, Honors History 9, History 12, Honors History 12

Summer 2016: Study Skills Mini-Workshop

2015-16:  Ancient Greek History

Summer 2015:  Study Skills Mini-Seminar

2014-15: Ancient Greek History

Anne Angstenberger attended the University of California, San Diego with a Double Major in Political Science and History. She then moved to San Francisco and received her Masters of Education from the University of San Francisco. Anne began teaching high school history in the SF Bay Area in 2003, ranging from Modern World Studies, US Government, Economics and AP World History. In 2009, Anne began teaching for K12's CA Virtual Academy and has had a love for homeschool/online education ever since. She is very excited to be teaching Ancient Greek History and US and Modern History for Kolbe. Anne is also the current History Department Chair.  In her free time, Anne enjoys exercising, reading, cooking, road trips, watching news commentary shows, and participating in church activities with her family. Anne currently resides in the SF Bay Are with her husband, four children (baby #5 set to arrive Summer 2017), and West Highland Terrier.

Mrs. Meghan Hambleton


2017-18: Literature 7, Literature 10Literature 11Honors Literature 11History 8

Summer 2016: Survey of British Poetry Semester 

2016-17: Literature 7, History 8, Intensive Composition (English 9), Literature 11, Honors Literature 11

2015-16: Literature 7, Literature 8, Intensive Comp (English 9), Advanced Comp (English 10), Literature 11

2014-15: Religion & Bible History 7, Classical Composition 1, Intensive Composition (English)

A graduate of Seton Homestudy School, Meghan holds a Master's Degree in English from the University of North Florida, as well as Bachelor's Degrees in both English and History. She is married to her best friend, and lives in Florida with their two big dogs and two cats. Her favorite hobbies include reading, baking, fairy and folk tales, and hiking with her dogs.

Mrs. Abigail Palmer


2017-18: History 10, Honors History 10

2013-14: History 9, History 10


Abigail Palmer graduated from University of Dallas in 2001 with a B.A. in Classics, and from Fordham University in 2005, with an M.A. in Classical Philology. She has taught Roman and Greek history both in the Kolbe Academy Day School in Napa and in the online academy.  In addition to teaching at Kolbe, for the past eight years she has taught Latin, ancient history and drama at St. Helena Montessori School's Adolescent Program.  She especially enjoys closely reading original sources of Greek and Roman history with students, and debating the ideas encountered there. In her spare time Abigail enjoys hiking, reading, baking, and gardening. Abigail lives in the San Francisco bay area with her husband and two children; she is expecting her third child in August of 2017.

Mrs. Therese Prudlo


2017-18: History 8History 9, History 11Homeroom 8

2016-17: History 9, Honors History 9, History 8

Therese Prudlo attended Christendom College where she received her B.A. in History and cemented her passion for studying all things historical. After college she worked as an assistant librarian until she and her husband started their family. She and her husband love the classical method of education and chose to educate their children in it with a heavy emphasis on studying all subjects through the lens of their favorite subject: History. While homeschooling 2 of her 3 children, she has made time over the years to run a few Art History classes for local homeschool groups, as well as providing guest lectures for her husband, a college History Professor, on Art and Architecture to his students. She also coordinates a study abroad trip with her husband to take students to Rome, Italy, in order to experience first-hand the development of western culture and how it influences us today. As her husband's first and final editor on all of his professional publications, she also helps him in his research as an ancient and medieval historian. Therese is very excited to continue teaching Greek History and Eighth-grade Modern History for Kolbe this year, as well as adding Era of Christendom to her classes.  In her free time she enjoys reading, cooking (especially for friends and family), singing, planning trips with her husband and kids, volunteering at her local Catholic Charities food pantry, following the Boston Red Sox, and taking long walks in the woods around her house. Therese currently lives in Weaver, AL, with her husband and her three kids. 

Mr. Steve Schultz


2017-18: Theology 9Theology 11Honors Theology 11Theology 12Honors Theology 12History 10Honors History 10History 11Honors History 11

Summer 2016: Art of Photography Semester, Meet the Church Fathers Semester, Meet the Church Fathers Seminar

2016-17: History 10, Honors History 10, History 11, Honors History 11, Theology 11, Honors Theology 11, Theology 12, Honors Theology 12

Summer 2015: Art of Photography, Civil War, US Government

2015-16: Literature 11, History 10, History 11, History 8

2014-15: Literature of Christendom, Roman History, Era of Christendom, History 7, History 8

Steve Schultz teaches history, literature, photography, and US government. In addition to teaching at Kolbe, he is also an Adjunct Professor of History, Philosophy, and Theology with Holy Apostles College and Seminary. Mr. Schultz is a former active duty Air Force officer and pilot. He holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics from the University of Portland, a master's degree in military history from the American Military University, a master's degree in theology with a concentration in dogmatic theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary, is currently writing his thesis for a master's degree in philosophy also from Holy Apostles College and Seminary, and is pursuing a PhD in education with a concentration in distance learning. Additionally, Mr. Schultz is a freelance author writing on a variety of topics with an emphasis on theology, history, and current events. His work on theology has been published in various academic and popular venues including Homiletic and Pastoral ReviewLay WitnessLatin MassNew Oxford Review, and Social Justice Review; and his work on history has been published in Armchair General online and Patriots of the American Revolution. Mr. Schultz also enjoys opportunities volunteering in the community, including service as a volunteer firefighter, adult leader with the Boy Scouts, and currently an adult leader in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program where he holds the grade of Lieutenant Colonel with over 30 years of service. He lives in central Florida with his wife, two children, and three dogs.

Mrs. Alyson Zuzolo


2017-18: History 6

Alyson Zuzolo holds a B.A. in Religious Studies and Sociology from John Carroll University. Upon completing college, she participated in Operation TEACH, a Catholic service-teaching program. While in the program, Alyson earned her Master's of Arts in Teaching from Notre Dame University of Maryland. Since then, she has worked   Catholic schools teaching Language Arts, Social Studies, and Religion.

Alyson has a particular interest in Ignatian Spirituality and is thrilled to be a part of a school community where this tradition is valued. She lives in the Cleveland area with her husband and two young sons. In her free time, she enjoys cheering for the Cleveland Indians, exercising outdoors, spiritual reading, cooking/baking, and having fun with her family.