Kolbe Academy's mission points to the higher purpose that each student

  • achieve salvation
  • deepen in intellect and character
  • grow spiritually
  • develop the ability to win others for Christ
  • perceive and elect his or her God-given vocation


This purpose is achieved only through the partnering of parents and a faculty and staff that is dedicated to teaching and modeling for students the good, the true, and the beautiful.  


Our online faculty is supported by Kolbe Academy in the following ways:

  • visible leadership by Kolbe's Administrative Staff;
  • direct leadership and mentorship by a department chair;
  • department focused team building and support; 
  • quarterly in-service and professional development opportunities;
  • online education training and support;
  • full technical support; 
  • teacher of the month recognition program;
  • benefit of being an employee vs independent contractor;
  • competitive pay and flexible schedule;


Please feel free to start your application now or reach out and ask us questions at careers(at)