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Homeschool Services

Kolbe Academy is a full service curriculum provider and book store. Customers may conduct business with Kolbe Academy in many ways:

  • Fully enroll including homeschool courses
  • Enroll in online courses
  • Purchase individual course plans for Homeschool use
  • Enroll in single courses in the Homeschool
  • Enroll in single courses in the Online Academy
  • Purchase books
  • Purchase Standardized Testing services

How to Enroll

Applying for admission to Kolbe Academy is easy! 

Step 1!  Use this application form for all students

Step 2! Wait for your application to be approved.  When approved, an email will be sent to you with a link to complete your enrollment.

Step 3!  Complete your enrollment by clicking on the link in the email you received.  

Step 4!  If you select to use a payment plan, make sure to set up your Smart Tuition Account!

The Welcome Packet

The Welcome Packet booklet contains the following and will be sent to new families only.  Re-enrolling families should retain this booklet for future reference:

Kolbe Academy's Objectives:

  • Synopsis of the Methods and Objectives of Ignatian Education
  • The "Principle of  Subsidiarity: What is it? How does Kolbe live by this principle?"

To You, The Parent and Teacher:

  • Guide for Kolbe home schoolers
  • Quarterly reporting guidelines
  • A sample daily grade record
  • "What to Look for in Compositions"

Home Schooling Articles:

  • "Lost Tools of Learning" by Dorothy Sayers
  • "Blocking Internet Pornography"
  • "Speak, Write, and Act"

Each year families will receive the following family-specific materials:

Per Student:

  • 4 Grade Report Checklist forms
  • 1 attendance record
  • 1 Course Of Study Introductory Cover Sheet (1-8)
  • 1 Guide to the Syllabi, Course Plans, and Tests for grades 9-12
  • 1 Course of Study form
  • 1 Book Report Information and Format
  • 4 paper report cards
  • 1 card stock report card (for your own records)
  • 1 Request For Release Of Records And Transcript Of Credits (new students only)
  • Course Syllabi And Week-by-week Course Plans
  • Sample Quarterly Tests with answers for most core curriculum courses
  • Assessment Tests, if requested

Per Family:

  • Parent As Counselor—handbook for planning a high school course of study, and a Chart of High School Studies (for new families with students in grades 8-12 and re-registering families with students in grade 8)
  • Home School Legal Defense Association Application

After You Receive the Welcome Packet...

An Academic Advisor will be in touch with you shortly after you receive your Welcome Packet to welcome you to our program. You should expect this call within two to three weeks of your receipt of the Welcome Packet, giving you enough time to carefully read through all the material. The advisor will make sure that you have received and understand all the contents of the Welcome Packet.  Our families overseas may receive their welcome calls via e-mail.

The advisor can assist you in placing your book order based on the particular academic requirements of your children.  However, enrolling families need not wait to consult with staff before ordering books.  Kolbe home school families are free to substitute our selections with courses and materials of their own choosing.

If you are administering assessment tests, you may correct the tests yourself or send the completed tests to Kolbe for correction and review by an advisor.

Reporting Grades to Kolbe

  • A grade report is a sampling of the student’s work sent to the advisors by the parent, along with a report card of grades.  An advisor reviews the work, verifies the grades assigned, makes comments, and sends a report to the parents.  Grades are verified by sending in one sample of work for each grade given.
  • Grade reporting is a service, not a requirement. Parents are not required to file a year end grade report before enrolling for the next school year. However, if no reports at all are filed, or if the required elements are not sent in, Kolbe Academy cannot validate the grades given by the parents on official transcripts.
  • Kolbe recommends filing reports quarterly for grades K-8 and at the end of each semester for high school.