Tech Support

Technical Requirements

  • You must have the necessary system requirements (hosted and licensed deployments for Adobe Connect 9) in order to participate in these courses.
  • Your internet download speed should be at least 1mbps per concurrent class. This link will test your system for Adobe Connect for one class.
  • While tablets can be used with Adobe Connect, a computer or laptop is preferable to optimize class participation.
  • A headset with microphone and earphones for the student's computer is required. (Please note, the built-in microphone on a computer may not be used due to potential feedback problems)
  • You must have access to a word processing program (such as Microsoft Word), a scanner (or digital camera that can upload clear images to a computer) and a printer for completing homework as assigned by each instructor.
  • A webcam may be required by the instructor.
  • To minimize audio issues and maximize internet bandwidth for the duration of the student's live online class, other uses of the internet should be minimized during the student's live classes. This means only running Adobe Connect during live sessions, no surfing on other internet sites or checking email during, and other members of the family minimizing their internet use during class.
  • Students who do not have back-to-back classes are required to login to their Online Class 10 minutes before class begins for a microphone check. Once checked in, students should not log out of class, but they do not need to be active in the classroom until the actual class begins. Students who have back-to-back classes should login at least 5 minutes early if possible. (There are 10 minutes between classes).
  • There is a learning curve to successfully completing and engaging in an online course. Be prepared to become equipped to meet the challenges of online learning.
    • The student should attend class orientation via Adobe Connect to insure that the proper technological processes needed to complete the online course are learned.
    • New students are required to attend one tech check between Aug 15-19 to test out their microphone and computer's ability to connect to Adobe Connect. See calendar for days and times.