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This course plan includes a one year course (10 credits) in high school Calculus.  

Course Description

Topics covered in this AP Calculus AB course include:

  1. Limits, Derivatives, and Integrals
  2. Properties of Limits
  3. Derivatives, Antiderivatives, and Indefinite Integrals
  4. Products, Quotients, and Parametric Functions
  5. Definite and Indefinite Integrals
  6. The Calculus of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  7. The Calculus of Growth and Decay
  8. The Calculus of Plane and Solid Figures
  9. Algebraic Calculus Techniques for Elementary Functions
  10. The Calculus of Motion – Averages, Extremes and Vectors

This course prepares the student for the AP(R) Calculus AB exam, which typically gives Calculus I credit at most colleges and universities.  (see each university’s AP policy for credits) Please inform the instructor if your child wishes to take the AP(R) Calculus AB exam.

This course is recommended for students who have achieved one of the following:  a “B” or better in Honors Algebra II/Trigonometry, or successful completion of PreCalculus.  

Course Expectations

Students taking this course for Kolbe Honors (OH) credit are expected to complete daily assignments, participate in class, and complete periodic exams and quizzes as assigned by their parent.  Kolbe Honors (OH) students will go into more depth and cover more material than the Kolbe Core (OK) students. All requirements are assigned and graded by the instructor.

All requirements are assigned and graded by the parent - Enhanced Evaluation Service is available for additional grading assistance.

Course Texts & Materials
  • Calculus: Concepts and Applications, Paul A. Foerster
  • Home Study Companion for Calculus: Concepts and Applications, Math Without Borders (This course companion is optional, but recommended. It is listed under the Algebra 1 "Optional Material" section in the Kolbe Bookstore.)



Other required material:

  • Programmable graphing calculator, preferably TI-83 or TI-84 model (required)
Course Plan Sample

Note that this is the digital version of the homeschool course plan, which is found in the course's associated Parent Group.  This course plan is built into the Schoology course for the student. 


Course Details:

NOTE:  This self-paced course will be available in its new format by August 22, 2017.  It is still available in it's original format.  If you are interested in the original version, please call Kolbe at 707-255-6499 to inquire.  

Should you purchase the original and want to update to the new course, you can do so by paying the remaining difference in price for the new version.

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Grades (Typical)

 11 - 12 (11th, 12th)

Video Presenter

Mrs. Bjorgaard



Self-Paced Plus Grading Assistance



10 (Math)

Transcript Designation



Alg 2/Trig or Precalculus

Self-Paced Companion Course

Physics or Honors Physics

Online Companion Courses


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