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History 8 - Beta

Christ & the Americas

Eighth Grade History seeks to provide familiarity with the historical context of the settlement of the Americas.  If your student is in high school, please see the course description for Western Civ 2, which uses the same text in a high school level course.

Course Description

This course will help the student to obtain a broad Catholic understanding of the anthropological history of the Americas up until the last decade.  It begins with the explorations of Columbus, Cortes, and Magellan, proceeds to the arrival of the English in the American colonies and the American Revolution, the influence of missionaries, the birth of the American government, the Civil War, through the Depression, World Wars I and II, and concludes with a look at the moral decline of America.

Course Expectations

Students should expect to have daily reading, at least one (or more) weekly written assignments and exams as assigned by their parent. All requirements are assigned and graded by the parent - Enhanced Evaluation Service is available for additional grading assistance.

Course Texts
  • Christ and the Americas, Anne W. Carroll
  • Christ and the Americas Workbook, Belinda T. Mooney
  • Christ and the Americas Workbook Answer Key, Kolbe Academy Publishing - Optional physical copy available for purchase under the History 8 "Optional Material" section in the Kolbe Bookstore.


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Grades (Typical)

 7 - 8 (8th)

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Mr. Schultz



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