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Math 7 with Pre-Algebra

Seventh Grade Math provides the student with an introduction to algebra, on a level to be used before Algebra 1 or before a pre-Algebra course. 

Course Description

If a student completes this course with ease, he is ready to go onto Algebra 1.  Topics covered include prime and composite numbers, ratios, graphs, exponents, square roots, scientific notation, circumference, pi, mean, median, mode, range, and probability.

Course Expectations

Students should expect to have daily reading, at least one (or more) weekly written assignments and exams as assigned by their parent. All requirements are assigned and graded by the parent - Enhanced Evaluation Service is available for additional grading assistance.

Course Texts
  • Fundamentals of Algebra Sourcebook, Course I, Sadlier-Oxford
  • Fundamentals of Algebra Practice Book, Course I, Sadlier-Oxford


Course Details:

NOTE:  This self-paced course will be available in its new format by August 22, 2017.  It is still available in it's original format.  If you are interested in the original version, please call Kolbe at 707-255-6499 to inquire.  

Should you purchase the original and want to update to the new course, you can do so by paying the remaining difference in price for the new version.

Section Number


Grades (Typical)

7 - 8 (7th) 

Video Presenter

Mrs. Tennant



Self-Paced Plus Grading Assistance


Self-Paced Companion Course

Life Science

Online Companion Course

Life Science 


Saxon 7/6, Singapore 6 or equivalent

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