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Board of Advisors

Mr. Mark Brumley

Mr. Mark Brumley

President of the Board of Directors for Kolbe Academy and Chief Executive Officer for Ignatius Press.

Mark Brumley is the CEO of Ignatius Press and President of the Board for Kolbe Academy. He holds a B.S. in Education-History from the University Missouri St. Louis and a Master’s degree in Theology from the University of Dallas. He is also the Publisher of and Catholic World Report Online, editor of Ignatius Press’s Modern Apologetics Library, and project coordinator for the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible. Mark is author of The Seven Deadly Sins of Apologetics, and several other works, including A Study Guide to Jesus of Nazareth Mark is a convert, and he and his wife live in Napa, California.

Mr. Steve Dilly

Steve Dilly

Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Home Schooling Father

Mr. Brian Muth

Brian Muth

Director of Marketing

Brian’s roots in classically-based Catholic education go deep. His parents are one of the founding couples of Kolbe Academy. Over his vigorous protests (but with his eventual acceptance and even enjoyment), he attended Grades 7-12 at Kolbe. In the first year, there were a total of eight students. There were two students in his graduating class. It was great telling people that he graduated first in his class, though, until they inevitably asked “Out of how many? No prom, though…

Brian graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Dallas with a BA in Politics. He also met and married his wife, Deana, at UD. After college, he dabbled with law school and then got down to the business of supporting his family. He and his family lived in Southern California and in the Dallas area after college. While in Southern California, Brian received his MBA with an emphasis in Marketing from the University of Southern California. He has held a variety of positions over time, from Paralegal with a leading pharmaceutical company to Director of Marketing for the premier legal publisher in the country.

With many experiences that would prove helpful and feeling God’s call, Brian and his family relocated to Napa in 2003 to direct the efforts at Kolbe Academy, both the day school and the home school program. In 2008, Brian accepted the position of Principal at the combined Kolbe Academy & Trinity Prep day school. After eight years of toiling in that field, he returned to Kolbe Academy Home School as Executive Director in May 2016. He and Deana are the proud parents of nine—six girls and three boys—three of whom have graduated from Kolbe Academy & Trinity Prep.

Mrs. Tove Ann Purificacion

Mrs. Tove Ann Purificacion

Home Schooling Mother