Our History - Kolbe Academy

Our History

The History of Kolbe Academy

Kolbe buildingKolbe Academy was founded in 1980 by three families who experienced first-hand the rapid decline of the public school system and who were looking for a wholesome, academically challenging educational environment. The founders anticipated the need to form young Catholic citizens who could effectively defend their Faith through a thorough understanding of doctrine and regular reception of the Sacraments. They also foresaw the growing need for better, more individualized and intensive instruction in basic education. Kolbe Academy Home School became an outgrowth of the day school in 1987 when parents who lived too far away to commute asked for our help with home schooling their children. With a focus on providing an education that is Ignatian in Method, Classical in Content and Loyal to the Magisterium in a small-school environment or at home, Kolbe Academy continues to thrive.