Our Mission & Vision - Kolbe Academy

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Dedicated to the pursuit of truth, wisdom, and virtue as the primary and prescriptive ends of education in the Catholic tradition, Kolbe Academy aids students in acquiring the skills of the liberal arts, assists in forming classically educated students to develop a mature intellect and cultivates openness to the call to holiness.

Our Vision

With salvation as the ultimate goal, Kolbe Academy’s educational programs allow you to tailor the formation of each child in the Catholic tradition, with a classical approach.

We do all of this with the purpose that each student:

  • achieve salvation;
  • deepen in intellect and character;
  • grow spiritually;
  • develop the ability to win others for Christ; and
  • perceive and elect his or her God-given vocation. 

This will be accomplished by providing the primary educator of the student with the support to develop his or her full capacities as a teacher, by offering:

  • a dedicated staff of academic advisors;
  • assistance in setting and meeting reasonable and challenging goals;
  • an academically rigorous curriculum;
  • detailed lesson plans for all subjects that interject Catholic teaching when desirable;
  • education in the Catholic faith at all grade levels;
  • inspection of work and examinations;
  • comprehensive record-keeping; official transcripts, letters of recommendation, and diplomas for 8th and 12th Grades
  • an Enhanced Evaluation Service for grading support; and
  • standardized testing to aid in evaluating student progress.