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High School History Courses

Kolbe Academy’s high school history program is an in-depth study of the past, with a special attention to the heroes and great men of history and how their noble deeds and foibles shaped Western culture.  As befits a Classical education, students use primary sources to guide them through the great ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome, the glory of Christendom, and the complications of modernity.  Their studies in Theology and Literature parallel the history courses in order to establish the interconnectedness of these disciplines.  Prominent historical events and the progression of Western philosophy show students the immutability of human nature as well as the devastating influence of cultural trends. In keeping with the Ignatian method, the curriculum emphasizes orderly thinking and the mastery of writing and speaking techniques. Additionally, the students learn to apply what they have learned to their own lives, and become confident leaders capable of transforming the world for the greater glory of God.