Science - Kolbe Academy


Grades K-3

Kolbe’s philosophy in science is to introduce children at this age to marvel of God’s creation while preparing them well for the academically solid coursework in junior high and high school.  Kindergarten Science, through Science and Living in God’s World used in conjunction with the Science Experiments book, gives the student their first look into the beauty of God’s wonderful creation. In grades 1-2, parents have the option of continuing studying science through creation with the Science and Living in God’s World 1 & 2 or to use Harcourt Science to achieve a basic introduction to the life, earth, and physical sciences. With Harcourt Science 4, used in grade 3, students continue to study the basics of science and to see the wonders of God’s world, making him unafraid of the subject when he pursues in depth science in later years.

Grades 4-6

Kolbe Academy’s science curriculum at this stage continues to lay the groundwork for in depth study of the earth, life, and physical sciences in Junior High School.  The Harcourt Science program touches on each of these three subject areas with more depth each year.  Finally, in 6th grade, while most students will finish the Harcourt Science series, students have the option to use Holt Science & Technology Life Science or Earth Science.  The solid introduction to topics now will pay dividends in junior high and high school when the depth becomes much greater and the pace much quicker. 

Grades 7-8

In the final stretch before high school begins, Kolbe Academy offers several courses to choose from to meet the needs of our homeschool families.  As most families complete the Harcourt series in 6th grade, most will find the Holt Science & Technology Life Science as their next stepping stone.  This course prepares students extremely well for our rigorous high school Biology course.  In 8th grade, students who have begun Algebra 1 will find Prentice Hall’s Physical Science: Concepts in Action a solid introduction to Chemistry and Physics which will prepare them well for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in high school.  Other students might choose to continue with Holt Science & Technology Earth Science and leave the Physical Science course until 9th grade.  Overall, the junior high years have solid science coursework aimed methodically and purposefully at preparing students for high school science.

High School

In high school, Kolbe’s philosophy for coursework in science is to offer a thorough curriculum that prepares students well for the secular world that they will encounter.  We have a strong desire to produce solid, Catholic scientists!  Therefore, we are proud to offer both solid college preparatory and honors courses in Biology (Prentice Hall Biology), Chemistry (Prentice Hall Chemistry), and Physics (Kinetic Books Principles of Physics), as well as elective science courses such as Astronomy (Charlesworth) and Anatomy & Physiology (Holes Anatomy & Physiology).   And, while we encourage our students to do formal lab work, we also offer virtual science labs so that all students can benefit from exploring God’s creation first-hand!   Finally, our course plans include Catholic Church teaching to help student’s understand the study of science and the issues it presents in our world within the scope our Faith.