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High School Transcripts

Kolbe Academy offers transcript and record keeping services for all enrolled students.  Kolbe transcripts lists coursework done within and outside of the Kolbe Academy curriculum including academic and non-academic coursework as well as elective coursework. To receive credit on a transcript for a homeschool course, a parent must submit sample coursework to Kolbe or a transcript of credit from another institution.  Students enrolled in an online course with Kolbe Academy will automatically have a Kolbe transcript generated for their online course(s).  

Enhanced Evaluation Service

The Enhanced Evaluation Service (EES) is a grading service that allows a family to have their own personal evaluator from Kolbe Academy to aid in grading their student’s work each quarter.  Students can send in up to 12 samples of work per quarter to be graded by one of Kolbe’s advisors.  Sample work can come from any subject and can include assignments, papers, tests, or daily work.  It also can include composition work from outside the scope of Kolbe’s curriculum.

Standardized Testing

TerraNova®, The Second Edition Complete Battery Achievement Test

The TerraNova®, The Second Edition is a nationally-recognized, norm- and criterion-referenced standardized test administered to elementary and secondary school students in public, private, and home schools across the country. This edition uses 2005 norms for scoring. It is one of numerous standardized tests available to chart the progress of students. The primary benefit of the TerraNova®, The Second Edition is its usefulness as a diagnostic tool to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in a student’s academic profile and to chart progress from year to year.This is not a survey test, but rather a full battery test covering content areas in reading, spelling, language, math, science, and social studies. Tests are available for grades K-12 (Kolbe currently does not offer testing for Kindergarten). Please check your state testing requirements at