Filing Grade Reports - Kolbe Academy

Filing Grade Reports

The Welcome Packet booklet contains the following materials specifically for reporting sample work and grades for homeschool credit.  

Per Student:

  • 4 Grade Report Checklist forms
  • 1 attendance record
  • 1 Course Of Study Introductory Cover Sheet (1-8)
  • 1 Course of Study form
  • 4 paper report cards
  • 1 card stock report card (for your own records)
  • 1 Request For Release Of Records And Transcript Of Credits (new students only)


Reporting Grades to Kolbe

  • A grade report is a sampling of the student’s work sent to the advisors by the parent, along with a report card of grades.  An advisor reviews the work, verifies the grades assigned, may make general comments, and sends a grade report or transcript to the parents.  Grades are verified by sending in four sample of work for each course per year (2 per semester).
  • Grade reporting is a service, not a requirement. Parents are not required to file a year end grade report before enrolling for the next school year. However, if no reports at all are filed, or if the required elements are not sent in, Kolbe Academy cannot validate the grades given by the parents on official transcripts.
  • Kolbe recommends filing reports quarterly for grades K-8 and at the end of each semester for high school.