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Dual Credit Courses

The University of St. Thomas, Houston

2020-21 Courses Offered

The following 3-credit, 1 semester online dual credit courses will be offered both in the Fall of 2020 and Spring of 2021 through the University of St. Thomas, Houston.  

  • PHIL 1315- Ancient Philosophy
    • UST Course Description: A study of being, nature, knowledge, man and the state, as developed by the pre–Socratics, Plato, Aristotle, the Epicureans, the Stoics and Plotinus. 
  • PSYC 1332 – General Psychology
    • UST Course Description: An introduction to the basic processes and principles of human behavior. Methods and findings which characterize scientific psychology, including historical and recent developments in the following areas, will be covered: motivation; perceptual, cognitive and physiological processes; and social, personality and abnormal processes. 
  • GEOG 2332 – World Regional Geography
    • UST Course Description: A description and analysis of the different culture areas of the world. Human use of the physical environment in shaping cultural heritage.
  • SOCI 1331 – Principles of Sociology
    • UST Course Description:  The study of people in interdependence. Identification of social groups and observation of their structures, functions, interactions and coordination. Particular emphasis on the social processes and the development of group values and attitudes.

Kolbe Academy awards 10 high school credits (1 year) for each 3 credit college course. 


  • The partnership Kolbe has established with UST provides Kolbe students the opportunity to enroll in these dual credit courses through Kolbe’s regular enrollment process.  Simply enroll your 11th or 12th grader with Kolbe and choose your dual enrollment courses on the enrollment form.  


Dual enrollment courses with the University of St. Thomas are open to any full-time or part-time enrolled 11th or 12th grade Kolbe Academy student.


  • All grades and transcripts for the courses will be issued officially by UST.  Kolbe will automatically credit students in dual enrollment courses toward diploma requirements.
  • Students will use Blackboard Learn (BB Learn) for the asynchronous portion of the course.  Similar to Schoology, BB Learn is a Learning Management Software (LMS) that allows students to upload assignments, participate in discussions, and see graded work by UST Faculty.
  • The UST Faculty teaches all of the dual enrollment courses.


Kolbe is offering introductory pricing on this exciting new option for its students!

  • $1,095 per 3-credit course.


All books are set by the University of St. Thomas and can be purchased through their online bookstore.

UST Bookstore


The calendar for the 20-21 School Year can be found on UST’s website.

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