Technical Requirements - Kolbe Academy

Technical Requirements

Software, Hardware, Bandwidth Needed

  • Software: Kolbe Academy provides access to Schoology, Adobe Connect, and Microsoft 365 to all students enrolled in online courses. Assignments can be submitted to Schoology using Microsoft office or Google documents (.pages is not compatible). PowerPoint may be required for use in Adobe Connect for occasional presentation assignments by the student. (.keynote and google slides are not compatible). Microsoft Office can be downloaded for free once Kolbe sets up a student’s Microsoft 365 account.  
  • System Requirements: You must have the necessary system requirements for Adobe Connect and Schoology in order to participate in these courses.
  • Internet Download Speed: Your internet download speed should be at least 1mbps per concurrent class. This link will test your system for Adobe Connect for one class. If you have more than one student enrolled in online courses at a time, be sure to multiply by the number of students you have.
  • Dedicated Computer: While tablets can be used with an Adobe Connect app, a computer or laptop is necessary to optimize class participation and overall experience.
  • Chromebooks: You are free to use a Chromebook in the Online School, but please be aware we’ve encountered a number of unforeseen recent issues, including learning the Adobe Connect software has not officially been tested on Chromebooks. Therefore, understand Kolbe takes no responsibility for the issues you incur using a Chromebook. Read about some of the Chromebook limitations we have encountered here.
  • Headset: A headset with microphone and earphones for the student’s computer is required. (Please note, the built-in microphone on a computer may not be used due to potential feedback problems)
  • Webcam: A webcam is required for periodic use.
  • Scanner or Digital Camera: A scanner or digital camera that can upload clear images to a computer.
  • Printer: A printer is required for completing homework as assigned by each instructor.

Other Technical Requirements

  • High Speed Internet: High speed internet is ideal for the best online experience. However, internet speed is not fool-proof. Even homes with high speed internet can experience glitches or audio issues. To maximize internet bandwidth for the duration of the student’s live online class, other uses of the internet may need to be minimized during the student’s live classes. This means only running Adobe Connect during live sessions (exiting out of browsers not currently in use, etc.) and possibly other members of the family minimizing their internet use during class. Streaming services may also need to be limited during class time even in a home with high speed internet. The effectiveness of these suggestions of course is highly dependent on the quality and speed of the internet, but they can nevertheless minimize problems.
  • Mic Checks: Students who do not have back-to-back classes are required to login to their Online Class 10 minutes before class begins for a microphone check. Once checked in, students should not log out of class, but they do not need to be active in the classroom until the actual class begins. Students who have back-to-back classes should login at least 5 minutes early if possible. (There are 10 minutes between classes).
  • Tech Check Week: New students are required to complete an Audio Configuration Check the week  before orientation. If audio issues occur, the student should reach out to LiveChat tech support during these days and times: See calendar.