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Kolbe Academy’s self-paced courses are a blend of our home school course plans and Kolbe’s live online classes. The homeschool course plan is built into the self-paced course so that the student does not need to reference the course plan to know what readings and assignments to complete. These courses also include video lectures, and may also include extraneous (optional) material, such as self-graded quizzes and additional practice assignments. There are two formats of self-paced courses: New and Original. The video lectures included in “Original” self-paced courses are recordings of classes from a previous school year held in the Online Academy, while the video lectures included in “New” self-paced courses are presentations created by our teachers that are specifically geared towards the self-paced student.

Kolbe Self-Paced courses and Kolbe Home School courses are both moderated by the Primary Educator, usually a parent. The Primary Educator is responsible for grading assignments and submitting the grades to Kolbe Academy for credit. However, Self-Paced courses include extra resources, including class video recordings, additional assignments and quizzes (optional – not required to be submitted to Kolbe for an official grade), and other extraneous documents and items that are not included with Kolbe’s Home School course plans. You may opt to have your child do these additional assignments, but please note that these are not required to be completed for course credit (see Kolbe’s website for course credit requirements).

The Parent Group includes our typical Homes School Course plan resources such as study guides, exams, exam answer keys, and paper topic keys – items that will allow the Primary Educator to grade required Home School exams.

Students turn in work to the Primary Educator, usually a parent, who grades assignments. The Primary Educator then may submit a grade report to Kolbe Academy for credit. Instructions on how and when to file coursework for credit can be found on Kolbe’s website.

No. Some assignments listed in the student’ self-paced course may be optional, and have been left in for context and extra practice per the Primary Educator’s discretion. To determine which assignments are required for credit, please refer to the Home School Course Plan found in the Parent Group associated with the course.

No. All questions or concerns regarding Self-paced courses (except technical questions) should be addressed to selfpaced(at) If you would like your child to be in a course led by a teacher, you should consider enrolling for the equivalent Online Course offered by Kolbe Academy.

Send an email to techsupport(at)