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Special Needs

Kolbe Academy’s Special Needs Department

Not all students learn the same way. Kolbe Academy offers much flexibility in their curriculum allowing most students to benefit without additional help. However, some students do need more help. It’s for these students that Kolbe’s Special Needs Department was formed.

The Special Needs Department at Kolbe is designed in a consultative manner. Parents collaborate with our special needs advisor to help answer questions regarding the education of their student. We provide advice in selecting and/or modifying a program to meet your student’s educational needs. Kolbe is also accumulating resources for learning disabilities, especially for dyslexia. If your student has an IEP, we can provide assistance in writing your yearly goals.

If necessary, we will work with you to develop an Accommodation Plan. This document will outline any accommodations or adaptations your student requires to best meet their educational needs. This plan will be included in your student’s records, where it may be useful for requesting accommodations for standardized testing, or for a re-entry to public school.

For our high school students for whom Kolbe’s Standard Diploma is out of reach, we offer our Special Diploma. The requirements for this diploma are individually chosen for each student, based on their IEP goals and their academic potential. Parents will consult with the Special Needs Department to create a Graduation Plan outlining these requirements.

If you feel that the Special Needs Department can help you in the process of educating your student, or if you just have questions, you can contact us to begin a dialogue. We look forward to working with you. This service is available to our registered families at no extra cost.