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Standard Diploma

The Standard Diploma Requirements

The Standard diploma offers the most flexible course of study for parents. Students may opt to follow the Kolbe curriculum as closely as they desire, including, but not limited to seeking the Kolbe Honors (H) or Kolbe Core (K) designation in all coursework. To graduate with the Standard diploma students must fulfill the following course requirements by using either Kolbe courses or other high school level courses:

Subject Credits Semesters Course Requirements
Theology 30 6  
English/Literature 30 6  
History 30 6 10 credits of World History and 10 credits of US History
Mathematics 20 4 at least Algebra I or higher
Science 20 4 10 credits of a Biological Science and 10 credits of a Physical Science.
Foreign Language or Visual/Perf Arts 10 2 or 4 students may either take one year of foreign language or 2 years of a visual performing arts
Physical Education 20 8  
Electives 20 4 or 8 may be academic (4 semesters) or non-academic electives (8 semesters) or some combination totalling 20 credits