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Homeschool Plus

(Formerly known as EES)

Advisor Grading Assistance

Homeschool Plus (formerly known as the Enhanced Evaluation Service or EES) is an optional service that allows a family to have their own personal evaluator from Kolbe Academy to aid in grading their student’s work.

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Here’s how it works:

  • Families may purchase blocks of 20 or 40 submissions.
  • You tell us which students will be using the service.
  • Parents decide how to distribute samples amongst their students.
  • Students are assigned a dedicated advisor to evaluate submissions.
  • Sample work may be submitted between September 1 and June 30.
  • Additional blocks of samples may be purchased at anytime during the school year however, unused submissions will not be refunded.
  • Sample work can be from any subject of the parent’s choice.
  • Sample work can include assignments, papers, tests, or daily work from the Kolbe Academy curriculum.
  • Sample work can include compositions from outside the scope of the Kolbe Academy curriculum, for example, research papers, essays, book reports etc.
  • A sample piece of work is defined as 2-3 pages, double spaced, 12pt font. If a longer paper is submitted, it will be counted as two samples.
  • To get the most out of the service, we recommend sending in no more than two samples per week.

A Homeschool Plus evaluator gives feedback in the following ways:

  • Takes into account the grading requests and concerns of the parent.
  • Grades both objectively and subjectively depending on the assignment and the request of the parent
  • Gives personalized feedback on the student’s work, especially writing.
  • Suggests how to weight grades in your student’s overall quarterly grade
  • May ask a student to redo an assignment and resubmit. A resubmission at the request of an evaluator does not count toward the student’s sample allotment for the quarter.

To enroll in Homeschool Plus, a family must first enroll full-time with Kolbe Academy. A section on the Kolbe Academy registration form includes an optional area to enroll in Homeschool Plus. All Homeschool Plus fees must be paid in full at the time of enrollment. If you have already enrolled your child(ren) for the school year and later decide to enroll in the Homeschool Plus program, please call the advising department and they will assist you with enrollment.

Fees are as follows:

Grade Level





3-12 $399 $599