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Full-Time Homeschool Enrollment

Full-Time Homeschool Enrollment Tuition Includes:

  • Syllabi, Course Plans and Exams for each homeschool course (maximum of 8 academic courses in high school)
  • Transcript and record keeping for all academic and non-academic courses¬†
  • Access to our full time advising staff as often as needed

Additional Benefits of Full-Time Homeschool Enrollment:

  • Dedicated staff of academic advisors to assist you in setting and meeting challenging, reasonable goals
  • Daily course plans for grades K – 8, and weekly course plans for High School
  • Quarterly inspection of work and examinations for grade K – 5
  • Semester inspection of work and examinations for grades 6-12.
  • Feedback available any time upon request
  • Access to Latin, Greek, math, and science experts
  • Discounts on future re-enrollments
  • End of Grade Level Assessment tests (not a standardized test)
  • Diplomas for 8th grade and high school graduation
  • Comprehensive record-keeping, including official transcripts and letters of recommendation
  • A discount on registration with the Home School Legal Defense Association
  • Some teacher’s manuals available only to enrolled families

Full-Time Homeschool Enrollment is beneficial if…

  • You want your child to take 4 or less online or self-paced courses and you want Kolbe to be your child’s school of record.¬†¬†
  • You plan to have your children graduate with a Kolbe Academy diploma in 8th or 12th grade.
  • You have multiple children attending (the more children you enroll, the more you will save).

Not included in Full-Time Homeschool Tuition:

  • Books (except Kindergarten)
  • Kolbe Study Guides
  • Homeschool Plus (formerly known as Enhanced Evaluation Service/EES) – an optional grading service
  • Standardized Testing
  • Honors Course Fees
  • Online Course Tuition
  • Self-Paced & Self-Paced Plus Course Tuition


Full-Time Homeschool Tuition