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Full-Time Online Enrollment

Full-Time Online Enrollment Tuition Includes:

  • Up to 5 online, self-paced, or self-paced plus courses and any homeschool courses (8 total course maximum)
  • Tech fee ($99 value)
  • $500 credit when shopping the Kolbe bookstore (and $300 for each additional student enrolling)
  • Concierge service – Skip the hassle of the full enrollment process and save time by having an Academic Advisor select your courses and your books!
  • Assigned family advisor
  • An additional FREE self-paced course ($499 value). 
  • Free online homeroom course ($169 value) available for grades 6-12.
  • Does not include online labs, honors seminars, or AP/honors course fees. You may choose more than 5 online courses, but additional online course fees will apply. 

Additional Benefits of Full-Time Online Enrollment:

  • Transcript and record keeping for all academic and non-academic courses.
  • Semester inspection of work and examinations for homeschool courses.
  • End of Grade Level Assessment tests (not a standardized test)
  • Diplomas for 8th grade and high school graduation
  • Comprehensive record-keeping, including official transcripts and letters of recommendation
  • A discount on registration with the Home School Legal Defense Association

Why should I enroll full time instead of enrolling in online or self-paced courses individually?

This option is beneficial if…

  • You want to take primarily online or self-paced courses and you want Kolbe to be your child’s school of record.  
  • You have multiple children attending (the more children you enroll full time, the more you will save).
  • You believe your family would benefit from the added assistance through the complimentary concierge service and assigned advisor.
  • You like the self-paced format and/or are open to trying it out!
  • You like to support Kolbe’s mission by letting our bookstore do the selection and ordering of your student’s books for you!  


Full-time online students can choose 5 online, self-paced plus, or self-paced courses in any combination plus get an additional self-paced course free!  Additional homeschool courses are also all inclusive in the full time online tuition (up to 8 academic courses total).  Students may add more than 5 online courses for additional fees.  Tuition does not include online labs, honors seminars, or AP/honors course fees. 

Bookstore Credit

Those who take advantage of full time enrollment earn a $500 credit to be used toward all purchases at the Kolbe Academy Bookstore and $300 for each additional student enrolled. Note: The credit will expire at the end of the academic school year and cannot be rolled over to the next school year or be used toward blackout items.

Concierge Service

A Kolbe academic advisor will work with you in your enrollment, course selection, and book selections to fill out the needed information for you. This can save a busy parent a considerable amount of time particularly at the beginning of the academic school year when preparing multiple children for school. The concierge service is complimentary and included in the price of full-time online enrollment.

Assigned Academic Advisor

An academic advisor will be assigned to your family and available to walk with you through the entire academic school year. The assigned advisor gives your family the chance to build a trusting personal relationship with one person who understands the individual needs of your student(s) and family and can give insightful and knowledgeable assistance based on those needs. Advisors can assist in choosing curriculum, answering academic questions, and keeping your child on track toward graduation.

FREE Self-Paced Course

Take advantage of a FREE self-paced course in the full-time enrollment package. This is a $499 value! Note: The free self-paced course is included in the 8 course maximum but is not part of the 5 online/self-paced courses you choose initially. In other words, after choosing 5 online, self-paced plus, or self-paced courses, the free self-paced course can be added as a sixth online class.

Not included in Full-Time Online Enrollment Tuition

  • Homeschool Plus (formerly known as Enhanced Evaluation Service/EES) – an optional grading service for homeschool courses.
  • Standardized Testing 
  • Online Lab, Seminar, and AP/Honors Course Fees
  • Online Course Tuition and Self-Paced Plus grading fees if more than 5 of these courses are selected.

Full-Time Online Tuition