Second Semester - Kolbe Academy

Second Semester

Kolbe Academy accepts second semester enrollments for students* who need a second semester or less of record-keeping to complete the school year.  Second semester enrollment fees are 40% off all full year tuition and course fees! Click here for a summary of our full year tuition and fees.


Second Semester Enrollment Discount available for:


Discounted Second Semester Enrollment does not apply to:


To enroll in Kolbe Academy for the second semester, please start by creating an account using application form. Second semester enrollment fees must be paid in full at the time of enrolling and are non-refundable.

 Application for Enrollment

*Students needing a full school year of course plans and record keeping should enroll for a full year. Second Semester Enrollment is available to NEW students only (students who have not been previously enrolled with Kolbe Academy), and must be paid in full.