Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees Effective March 5, 2018

Kolbe Academy Full Enrollment Tuition

Full Enrollment Tuition


Oldest Student Additional Students

High School

$349 $299

Grades 6-8

$339 $289

Grades 1-5

$329 $279


$179 $149
You never pay Full Enrollment Tuition for more than 5 students!

Online Course Tuition

Online Course Type


Junior High

High School







Online Supplemental Courses

Foreign Language Oral Lab 

Math Skills Lab

Science Lab 

$399 each

Self-Paced Course Tuition

Junior HighHigh School




Self-Paced Plus Tuition

Add our optional self-paced plus grading service onto any self-paced course.  

Junior HighHigh School



Enhanced Evaluation Tuition

May be used for multiple childrenGrades 3-12

20 Graded Samples

$399/Per Family

Only $19.95/sample! 

40 Graded Samples

Best Value!

$599/Per Family

Only $14.98/sample!

Additional Fees

New Student Application Fee*


High School Transfer Student Transcript Evaluation Fee*


International Family Fee*


Online Honors Course Fee


Homeschool and Self-paced Honors Fee

(Kolbe Staff Graded Option)


Homeschool and Self-Paced Honors Fee

(Online Seminar Option, available for Honors Theology, Literature, and History only)


Online and Self-Paced Students Tech Fee*


Homeschool Student Tech Fee*


Online Course Change Fee*

(Effective 72 hrs after enrolling).

Online Course Late Enrollment Fees* 

after Aug 1
after Aug 14

*Fees that are to be paid in full at the time of enrollment.

Summer Online Course Pricing

The pricing of our summer courses is dependent on the type of class. Please see each course description for number of credits, types, and pricing for that class.

Course Type
LevelAcademic WorkshopMini  WorkshopAcademic Semester