Kindergarten - Kolbe Academy


The Kindergarten online program will include a comprehensive study of Religion, Phonics, Reading, Penmanship, Math, Art, Science, and History. Language Arts and Math will be delivered in a live format, whereas Religion, Science, History, Penmanship, and Art will be delivered in the form of videos and creative assignments. The goal of each part of this program is to develop your child spiritually and academically in all necessary skills to progress to first grade. The focus is on developing fine motor skills, intellectual curiosity, and an authentic passion for learning. Below you will find details regarding the curriculum and books needs for this program. 


Course Texts:

  • Who Am I?, Workbook
  • St. Joseph Picture Book Set (set of 26, which are also sold separately):
    • The Angels
    • The Apostles of Jesus
    • Book of Saints 1
    • Book of Saints 2
    • The Feasts of Jesus
    • Following Jesus
    • God Loves us All
    • Good St. Joseph
    • The Holy Rosary
    • I Believe in God
    • Mary My Mother
    • The Miracles of Jesus
    • My First Prayer Book
    • My Friend Jesus
    • My Life with God
    • My Picture Missal
    • The Parables of Jesus
    • Prayers for Everyday
    • Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton
    • Saint Patrick
    • Saint Paul the Apostle
    • Saint Peter the Apostle
    • The Seven Sacraments
    • Stations of the Cross
    • The Teaching of Jesus
    • The Ten Commandments

Course Description:

Kindergarten Religion gives the student a basic introduction to God, the Church, and to personal prayer, in part through participation in the Mass and the memorization of the Sign of the Cross, the Our Father, the Hail Mary, the Glory Be, and the Angel of God prayer. Emphasis is placed on knowing and loving God, and the dignity of the child made in God’s image.  The inclusion of the books of stories of our faith and the saints provide opportunity for teaching and discussion with your student.

Mathematics (Progress in Mathematics)

Course Texts:

  • Progress in Mathematics (Yellow)
  • Progress in Mathematics (Yellow) , Workbook

Course Description:

Kindergarten Mathematics is directed to the development in the student of the capacity to understand the concepts presented in preparation for first grade. Topics covered include numbers from 0-20, time and money, order and place value, fractions and measurement, addition, and subtraction.

Language Arts

Course Texts:

  • Writing Our Catholic Faith: K Beginning Manuscript Writing
  • Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
  • Phonics K, Workbook
  • Phonogram Flash Cards 
  • 4th Quarter Supplemental Books:
    • The Carrot Seed
    • Go Dog Go!
    • Green Eggs & Ham
    • Have You Seen My Cat?
    • Home for a Bunny
    • Hop on Pop
    • Inside Outside Upside Down
    • Little Bear
    • Whose Mouse are You?

Course Description:

Kindergarten Language Arts is directed to the development in the student of the capacity to recognize the letters of the alphabet, learn their pronunciation, memorize approximately 50 High Frequency Words (HFW), and move on to reading.

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons is a structured, phonics based reading program that uses its own orthography (font), based on the Distar reading program.  This orthography simplifies the reading process by making it clear when, for example, an e is silent or th are acting together as a digraph.  Three quarters of the way through the book the orthography is gradually phased out and the conventional print forms of the letters are introduced.  By the end of the program, the student will be able to competently read books and passages written at about a second grade level.

Phonics K begins very simply and will move very quickly the first few weeks.  Open Court Reading is a structured, phonics based reading program that uses colorful picture booklets of 4-6 pages to engage children in the reading process.  The student will learn listening and speaking skills, motor skills, visual and auditory discrimination, the letters of the alphabet, sounds of the consonants and short sounds of the vowels, as well as how to combine these sounds to begin reading.


Course Texts:

  • Science Experiments Recipe Book 

Course Description:

Kindergarten Science gives the student their first look into the beauty of God’s wonderful creation. At the kindergarten grade level, science involves the very basic concepts of the natural world around the student. The course will use the Science Experiments Recipe Book as a guide through exploring the natural world. The instructor will guide the students through the experiments and provide relevant supplemental learning in the form of art, videos, and guided reading. It  will help the student begin their journey of scientific inquiry, knowledge, and experimentation. 


Course Description:

Kindergarten art projects will follow the weekly theme and will be demonstrated by the instructor through video directions. The students will have fun bringing their learning to life through various age appropriate projects which they can share on webcam in class or through pictures on Schoology. 


  • Crayons
  • Watercolor set
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil Grip
  • Pencils
  • Small white board, marker, eraser
  • Play Doh