Honors English 12

Honors Creative Writing

According to the Ignatian Method, Kolbe Academy’s Grade 12 English course has been designed to help form the student’s abilities to effectively Speak, Write, and Act.  The lessons of the two component parts of the course—Composition, and Oral Presentations—will contribute to development in these fields.  This course is also designed to help stimulate and develop the student’s creative imagination through admiration and imitation of great writers and styles.

Course Description

This course teaches skills for: using words well and continuing to develop vocabulary; developing thoughts and ideas logically so as to become an effective writer and speaker; discovering creative writing as a useful vortex for both expressing and understanding emotions; appreciating Poetry and Fiction, particularly in the Short Story genre; and learning the basic elements of stories and poems.

Students will learn the fundamental elements and various styles of stories and poems, how to interpret and present poetry, and how to write well, by reading great writers and imitating classic styles, through composition work, writing creative stories and poems, and oral presentation exercises.


Course Expectations

Students taking this course for Kolbe Honors (OH) credit will have 8 major composition assignments per semester as chosen by their instructor. Composition assignments could include the completion of a smaller project (such as a poem or an imitation), or the completion of a “step” towards a larger project (such as a plot outline for a short story). Additionally, honors students should also expect to have daily reading, minor weekly written assignments, required participation, and exams as assigned by their instructor. All assignments are given and graded by the instructor. 

Course Texts
  • The Art of the Short Story
  • Treasury of Poems/Poetry: A Spoken Art
  • The Menagerie of Marsepink
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • The Waste Land, Prufrock, and Other Poems


Course Details:


Section Number






Mrs. Finnigan

 Mrs. Finnigan

Grades (Typical)

11 - 12 (12th)

Live Class Meets

1x per Week

1 hr. 20 min. 

Class Period






10:30-11:50 AM PT

1:30-2:50 PM ET

 6:00-7:20 AM PT

9:00-10:20 AM ET



Honors Fee


Credits (Type)

10 (English) 

Transcript Designation


Companion Courses

Modern Era Literature

US and Modern History

Morality and Church History III 


Also offered at the Kolbe Core (OK) level.