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Homeroom 9

Homeroom is a dynamic and interactive environment that builds community and offers academic support. Each Homeroom session is divided into two parts. The first half focuses on student collaboration, mastering key study skills, digital citizenship, and on a variety of other topics—social, spiritual, and academic, all ordered toward student success in our online school. The second half of the Homeroom session functions like a study hall, providing a dedicated space and time for students to work together on homework or to study for upcoming exams, quizzes, or tests. During these sessions, each Homeroom student will have the opportunity to meet individually with the Homeroom teacher to discuss his or her personal academic goals, check-in on his or her academic status, as well as to receive personalized guidance pertaining to his or her overall success in Kolbe courses. Each Homeroom student will have the opportunity for approximately one teacher meeting per quarter.

There are no grades, as this course is meant to serve as a “home-base” for the student’s courses at Kolbe.

  • Kolbe Academy School Planner
  • Additional books TBD

Course Details:

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Live Class Meets

1x per week

1 hour 20 min.



*Free for 1) Full-Time Online students and 2) Full-Time Homeschool students taking at least one online course.

  $169 for 1) Part-Time students and 2) Full-Time Homeschool students not taking any online courses.