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Latin I

Course Number: WCF-LAT1

Instructor: Ms. Catherine Alvis

Day/Time: TBD

Course Texts:

  • Henle, Robert J., S.J. Henle First Year Latin. Loyola Press: Chicago, 1958. (T6061)
  • Henle, Robert J., S.J. Henle Latin Grammar. Loyola Press: Chicago, 1958. (T6060)

Course Description:

Latin is the language of the Church; as such it is an integral part of every Catholic's heritage. This course in Latin will give a comprehensive introduction to Latin grammar. Students will complete the first twenty-eight lessons in Henle First Year Latin. By diligent work in this course, the student will obtain a sound foundation of Latin vocabulary; an introductory grasp of Latin grammar and syntax; facility in Latin pronunciation; an expanded English vocabulary, by understanding etymology of Latin derivatives; and a reinforced grasp of English grammar through the study of Latin grammar.

Topics covered include: Verbs: all four conjugations, indicative, imperative and subjunctive moods; noun cases: nominative, genitive, accusative, ablative, and vocative; forms of first, second, third, fourth and fifth declension nouns; present and perfect tenses, active and passive voices of verbs; demonstratives, personal pronouns, reflexive pronouns; relative pronouns; Sum; Student assignments include daily vocabulary work throughout the year, composition work, and reading & speaking exercises.