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Latin 2

Latin is the language of the Church; as such it is an integral part of every Catholic’s heritage.  This course in Latin will give a comprehensive introduction to Latin grammar, as well as an introduction to translation.  Students will complete the last fourteen lessons in Henle First Year Latin and complete Lessons 1-30 in Henle Second Year Latin.

By diligent work in this course, the student will obtain:

  • a sound foundation of Latin vocabulary (5 words memorized per day is ideal)
  • an in-depth grasp of Latin grammar & syntax
  • facility in Latin pronunciation
  • an expanded English vocabulary, by understanding the meaning of Latin derivatives
  • a reinforced grasp of English grammar through the study of Latin grammar

Topics covered include:

  • Verbs:
    • all four conjugations
    • all three moods
    • active & passive voices
    • sum, possum, & eo
    • -io verbs
    • deponent verbs
  • Participles
  • Nouns:
    • all six cases
    • all five declensions
  • Adjectives:
    • adjective forms
    • the comparison of adjectives
  • Pronouns:
    • demonstrative, personal, reflexive, & relative
  • Specific case uses & constructions (like the Ablative of Separation)
  • The gerund & gerundive
  • Purpose, result, & characteristic clauses

Student assignments include daily vocabulary work throughout the year, composition work, reading & speaking exercises, and longer translation assignments based upon the writings of Julius Caesar.

Students taking this course for Kolbe Core (OK) credit are expected to complete daily assignments, participate in class, and complete periodic exams and quizzes as assigned by their instructor.  All requirements are assigned and graded by the instructor.

  • Henle First Year Latin
  • Henle Second Year Latin
  • Henle Latin Grammar

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Course Details:

Students should enroll in only one section.

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Dr. Almanzar

Mrs. DeVendra

Grades (Typical)

9 – 12 (10th)

Live Class Meets

2x per week

1 hr. 5 min.


Monday & Wednesday

Tuesday & Thursday

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9:00-10:05 AM PT

12:00-1:05 PM ET

9:00-10:05 AM PT

12:00-1:05 PM ET


$759 or see

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Credits (Type)

10 (Foreign Language)

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