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French 3

This course is designed to build upon the skills mastered in levels I and II and to further develop the student’s ability to express himself in speaking and writing the French language as well as to increase comprehension in a variety of situations.

This course moves the student to a deeper understanding of the French language, through a study of the more complex grammatical structures and nuances of the language.  Students will advance their aural, oral, reading and writing proficiency and continue to develop their thoughts and ideas logically so as to become effective writers and speakers of French.

Students taking this course for Kolbe Core (OK) credit are expected to complete daily assignments, participate in class, and complete periodic exams and quizzes as assigned by their instructor.  All requirements are assigned and graded by the instructor.

  • Bien Dit! French Level III, Textbook (online access included)
  • Le Petit Prince, by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry
  • Larousse’s French/English Dictionary

Course Details:

Section Number



Mrs. Mammola

Grades (Typical)

9 – 12 (11th)

Live Class Meets

2x per week

1 hr. 20 min. each time


Monday & Wednesday




10:30-11:50 AM PT

1:30-2:50 PM ET


$759 or see

Full-Time Online Tuition Option

Credits (Type)

10 (Foreign Language)

Transcript Designation



French 2