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Western Civilization II

Western Civilization II seeks to provide familiarity with the historical context of the settlement of the Americas.  If your student is in grade school, please consider the course for History 8 which uses the same text as this high school level course.

This volume picks up the story at the Enlightenment and presents the history of the modern era in story form, giving proper emphasis to dates, central characters, and key concepts in each era. End of chapter reviews and other material highlight dates and events, characters in history, and definitions of key terms. The central consideration of this volume is how modern ideas, institutions, and culture have developed from the high centuries of Christian culture. Drawing on the guidance of Catholic thinkers and the popes (particularly Leo XIII, Pius XI, Pius XII, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI), this history presents the hope that Christian thought and work hold for the future.

Students taking this course for high school Kolbe Core (OK) credit will have additional requirements over and above the junior high students taking the History 8 course.  Students will have four major assignments each semester.  Two of those four assignments will be paper topic essays, and the other 2 may also be essays, but could instead include other types of creative projects, oral presentations, or other appropriate assignments pertinent to the course.  Additionally, core students should also expect to have daily reading, minor weekly written assignments, required participation, and exams as assigned by their instructor. All assignments are given and graded by the instructor.

  • Light to the Nations: Part 2, Student Textbook, The Catholic Textbook Project
  • MLA Handbook Eighth Edition

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Mrs. Prudlo

Grades (Typical)

9 – 12 (10th) 

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1x per week

1 hr. 20 min.



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9:00-10:20 AM PT

12:00-1:20 PM ET



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10 (World History)

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