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Honors History 11

Era of Christendom

This course is an introduction to the post-Pagan Roman world (which encompassed the province of Britannia, in the west, to the Kingdoms of Armenia and Georgia in the east), and to the expansion and transformation of that world, i.e. the new lands won for Christ by missionaries and the renewal or abolition of many western and central European institutions and traditions. More than this, the Kolbe 11th grade History Course is an attempt to present as an elaborate thriving organism, an often slandered or overlooked period in which the Christian ideal shaped and inspired the social and political order.

In this course students will continue their study of the incarnational development of history with the rise of Christendom.  The readings and discussions will focus on what makes Christendom, with history makers, saints, popes, emperors, kings, and the everyday person.  We will cover heroism, missionaries & conversions, conquest & expansion, and the art & architecture of the time.   The readings emphasize primary sources as well as some significant secondary ones, building a picture of the backdrop of a changing world after the dissolution of Late Antique society.  Students will explore key figures, and they will discuss the achievements and failures that helped to make the modern world.  They will learn of the influences that led to the rise of the cultures such as Islam, the Vikings, and the Slavs. The class will compliment what the students are covering in theology and literature. The course will occasionally engage with some of the myths perpetrated by early modern historical critiques.  The student will come away with the appreciation that these were not “Dark Ages,” but rather truly the Era of Christendom.

Students taking this course for Kolbe Honors (OH) credit will have 4 papers per semester as chosen by their main instructor.  Daily reading, minor weekly written assignments, required participation, and exams will also be assigned and graded by the instructor.

Honors students will attend a live Honors Seminar that meets periodically throughout the year.  Honors seminar will require projects and additional reading in the form of short stories, poems, essays, articles, and/or encyclicals with the purpose of going into more depth on the topics being studied in class. Students will be graded on active participation during live seminar.  The type of participation required will vary but includes activities such as active discussion, collaborative group work, and presentations.  The participation grade from honors seminar will be weighted 20% into the student’s overall grade for the honors course.

  • Byzantium
  • The Portable Medieval Reader
  • Chronicles
  • The Rule of St. Benedict
  • The Era of Christendom Reader
  • MLA Handbook Eighth Edition

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Students enrolling in Online Honors History 11 must also enroll in Honors Seminar to fulfill honors credit.  Please click here to view the details for the History 11 Honors Seminar.

Course Details:

Students should enroll in only one section.

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Dr. Hasler Mrs. Prudlo Dr. Hasler

Grades (Typical)

9 – 12 (11th)

Live Class Meets

1x per week

1 hr. 20 min.


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

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0 1 3


6:00-7:20 AM PT

9:00-10:20 AM ET

7:30-8:50 AM PT

10:30-11:50 AM ET

10:30-11:50 AM PT

1:30-2:50 PM ET


$759 + $169

(Regular class + honors seminar fee)

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Credits (Type)

10 (History)

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Companion Courses

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Also offered at the Kolbe Core (OK) level.