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This course is designed to give students an appreciation of creation and of the order and complexity of atoms and their interactions with each other.  The “Core Chemistry” course will emphasize the basic chemical interactions between atoms, compounds, and molecules while the “Honors Chemistry” course will delve more deeply into the theoretical, mathematical, and organic chemical processes.

This course is typically done in 10th or 11th grade and includes the following topics: introduction to chemistry; matter and change; scientific measurement; atomic structure; electrons in atoms; the periodic table; ionic and metallic bonding; covalent bonding; chemical names and formulas; chemical quantities; chemical reactions; stoichiometry; states of matter; the behavior of gases; water and aqueous systems; solutions; thermochemistry; reaction rates and equilibrium; acids, bases, and salts; oxidation-reduction reactions; electrochemistry; hydrocarbon compounds; nuclear chemistry.

Lab work is accomplished through the use of Virtual Labs.

Students taking this course for Kolbe Core (OK) credit are expected to complete daily assignments, participate in class, and complete periodic exams and quizzes as assigned by their instructor.  All requirements are assigned and graded by the instructor.  

  • Chemistry, Textbook or E-book
  • Labster Virtual Chemistry Lab (paid for with enrollment)
  • Lab Report Writing Guide (optional)

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Course Details:

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Grades (Typical)

10 – 12 (10th, 11th)

Live Class Meets

2x per week

1 hr. 20 min. each time

Credits (Type)

10 (Science w Lab)

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Algebra 2


Introduction to Physics and Chemistry

Companion Course

Chemistry Lab


Also offered at the Kolbe Honors (OH) level.