Theology 12

Morality & Church History III

This aim of this course is to teach students how to pray, and inspire them to pursue virtue and sanctity, to trust in Divine Providence, and to make life choices based on sound moral principles. The course will explore in the Church teachings regarding prayer, Divine Providence, morality, vocations, marriage, the family, the Church and, in true Kolbian style, it will end with a study of Our Blessed Mother.

Course Description

The course will introduce the student to a devout life in the modern world and the practice of mental prayer; give the student the tools to distinguish between forms of prayer that are compatible with Christianity and those that are not; explain why sanctity and perfection consist in doing "everything to conform to God's will" as St. Teresa of Avila says, and why that is the highest perfection possible; encourage boundless trust in God, His Divine Providence, His Love, and His Mercy; impart a firm understanding of Christian moral principles and the proper application of Christian moral principles in life situations; impart a greater understanding of the dignity of the human person, freewill and vocation; foster a deeper admiration of the particular callings within the Church; inspire each student to respond with greater zeal to the Universal Call to Holiness; reveal the beauty and sanctity of Matrimony in the Catholic Church and the benefits and responsibilities of family life; show forth the excellence of religious vocations, their benefits and responsibilities, as well as briefly define the various type of religious vocations in the Church; further the understanding of one's duties to God, Church, self, spouse, family, state, and society; and foster a profound appreciation and understanding of Our Lady, her role in salvation and in our lives.

Course Expectations

Students taking this course for Kolbe Core (OK) credit will have four major assignments each semester.  Two of those four assignments will be paper topic essays, and the other 2 may also be essays, but could instead include other types of creative projects, oral presentations, or other appropriate assignments pertinent to the course.  Additionally, core students should also expect to have daily reading, minor weekly written assignments, required participation, and exams as assigned by their instructor. All assignments are given and graded by the instructor.

Course Texts
  • The Holy Bible, Catholic Edition
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Introduction to the Devout Life
  • Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence
  • Catholic Morality
  • Church History III & Morality Reader


Course Details:

Section Number




Mr. Brown

Mr. Schultz

Grades (Typical)

9 - 12 (12th) 

Live Class Meets

1x per week

1 hr. 20 min.




Class Period




12:00 - 1:20 PM (Pacific)

3:00 - 4:20 PM (Eastern)

9:00 - 10:20 AM (Pacific)

12:00 - 1:20 PM (Eastern)



Credits (Type)

10 (Theology)

Transcript Designation


Companion Courses

US & Modern History

Modern Literature

Creative Writing


Also offered at the Kolbe Honors (OH) level.