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Religion & Bible History 8

This course will cover the Religion 8 and Bible History 8 curriculum. An instructor will cover the Religion curriculum in the first half of the live class meeting and the Bible History curriculum in the second half of the live class meeting. One grade will be given on the transcript for this course.

Eighth Grade Religion introduces the student to ecclesiology, the study of the Church, covering the origin and nature, and teaching and governing authority of the Church.  It looks at the sacraments, Mary, the saints, and our separated brethren.  The course addresses the work of the Christian in the world, through virtue, the works of mercy, vocations (single, religious, and married), and the law, conscience, and social order.  It also looks at the four last things, of death, judgment, heaven, and hell.  The course is written to help the student to desire to imitate the saints of the Church.

Eighth Grade Bible History covers the last part of the Old Testament about how God’s chosen people were led into captivity and their kingdom was destroyed; It leads into the New Testament and the fulfillment of God’s promise to His chosen people.  (The first half of the book is used in seventh grade.)

The text presents an important aspect for one who is going to be educated with a classical curriculum because it shows how God used all cultures and peoples to bring about the Redemption of mankind through His Son, Jesus Christ.

This is a two-year course.  The first half of the book is presented in seventh grade and the second half in eighth grade.  If the student has not read the first part of the book in seventh grade, it is recommended that it be read before enrolling in this course for the eighth grade.  It would not be necessary to do any written work, but it would be beneficial to have the background for what will be covered this year.

Students should expect to have daily reading, at least one (or more) weekly written assignments, required participation, and exams as assigned by their instructor. All requirements are assigned and graded by the instructor.

  • Our Life in the Church, Student Text
  • Our Life in the Church, Activity Book
  • St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism #2
  • Bible History: A Textbook of the Old & New Testaments, Student Text
  • Bible History: A Textbook of the Old & New Testaments, Student Workbook

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Course Details:

Section Number



Mrs. Buergler

Grades (Typical)

7 – 8 (8th)

Live Class Meets

1x per week

1 hr. 20 min.



Class Period



9:00-10:20 AM PT

12:00-1:20 PM ET



Companion Courses

Literature 8

English Grammar & Composition 8

History 8


Kolbe has decided to offer two sections of this course.

One will be for boys and one for girls.