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Earth Science

This Earth Science course covers topics in geology, hydrology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy.

Topics include geology: minerals, resources, fossils, earthquakes, and volcanoes; hydrology: water flow, erosion, deposition; oceanography: ocean structure, life, and movement; meteorology: atmosphere, storms, forecasting, and climate; and astronomy: stars, galaxies, the Universe, formation of the solar system, and the planets.

The topics in the field of Earth Science sometimes present students and parents with controversial issues, including the origin of life on earth, formation of the universe (cosmology), and other issues.  Online Academy instructors will discuss these issues with their students and instruct the students in Church teaching. 

Students should expect to have daily reading, at least one (or more) weekly written assignments, required participation, and exams as assigned by their instructor. All requirements are assigned and graded by the instructor.

  • Earth Science, Pearson 
  • Earth Science, online access included w/book

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Course Details:

Students should enroll in only one section.

Section Number




Mrs. Moffitt

Mrs. Still

Grades (Typical)

6 – 8 (7th or 8th)

Live Class Meets

2x per week

1 hr. 5 min. each time


Monday & Wednesday Tuesday & Thursday 

Class Period



7:30-8:35 AM PT

10:30-11:35 AM ET

7:30-8:35 AM PT

10:30-11:35 AM ET



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