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Online Summer Courses

Summer 2021 Calendar And Schedule

Classes begin June 22nd!

Classes meet 1-3 times/week for 50 minutes each and run for 4 weeks beginning June 22nd and ending July 15th.

Be sure to check the course catalog for specific course dates, days, and times. 

Course Catalog


Summer courses open for enrollment!

Current Kolbe Students

Students who are enrolled with Kolbe will receive an email invitation to enroll in summer courses.

New Kolbe Students

Students who are new to Kolbe should first fill out the Application.  A link to choose your summer courses will be sent to you after your application has been approved.

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Summer Course Offerings

Student Orientation Workshops

Students will meet once/week to learn how to navigate all that goes into being a Kolbe Academy Online Student and will earn their Orientation Certificate at the end of the course.  

Tuition: $69
  • Student Orientation Workshop- Rising K-1
  • Student Orientation Workshop- Rising 2-3
  • Student Orientation Workshop- Rising 4-5
  • Student Orientation Workshop- Rising 6-8
  • Student Orientation Workshop- Rising 9-12


Study Skills Workshops

Students meet twice/week to learn important study skills to help them in their online courses and beyond!  Topics are appropriate for each grade level but include note-taking, digital citizenship, analytical reading, 

Tuition: $139
  • Study Skills- Rising 4-5
  • Study Skills- Rising 6-8
  • Study Skills- Rising 9-12


Composition & Research Paper Bootcamps

Students will meet three times/week to polish writing skills to prepare for the rigorous writing expectations of Kolbe Academy’s classical curriculum.

Tuition: $239
  • Composition Bootcamp- Rising 3-4
  • Composition Bootcamp- Rising 5-6
  • Composition Bootcamp- Rising 7-8
  • Research Paper Bootcamp- Rising 8-9 (meets only twice/week, tuition $139)
  • Composition Bootcamp- Rising 9-10


Reading & Grammar Bootcamps

Teachers will meet with students three times/week to learn to read, write, and love grammar! Playing with words like a puzzle, your student will leave these bootcamps inspired to take time on the foundational elements of reading and grammar.

Tuition: $239
  • Reading Bootcamp- Rising 1-2
  • Grammar Bootcamp- Rising 3-4
  • Grammar Bootcamp- Rising 5-6  
  • Grammar Bootcamp- Rising 7-8


Math Workshops

These math courses meet three times/week to help fill in gaps, provide a review, and keep students fresh on math skills during the summer.  

Tuition: $239
  • Math Bootcamp- Rising 1-2
  • Math Fact Bootcamp- Rising 3-4
  • Algebra 1 Readiness
  • Algebra 2 Readiness


Novel Studies 

Reading over the summer is essential, but reading and being able to discuss Classical novels with friends is an added bonus. In these novel studies, students will learn to appreciate the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness that is offered by classic novels chosen from Kolbe’s recommended reading list.

Tuition: $139
  • Novel Study: Peter Pan– Rising 2-3
  • Novel Study: Mr. Popper’s Penguins– Rising 3-4
  • Novel Study: Call of the Wild– Rising 4-5