Composition Bootcamp (HS)

Students will learn how to write a strong thesis and support that thesis using logical reasoning and concrete support. 

Course Description

Quote integration using MLA citing conventions will also be covered if time allows. Students might have a short assignment each night during the class week.  


Content covered:

Mechanics and Outlining

  • How to write a good thesis
  • Brainstorming reasons to support your thesis (logic)
  • Organizing your ideas into three main points that support your thesis (logic)

Reasoning and Logic

  • Difference between two types of support: logical reasoning (abstract) and illustration (concrete): the importance of illustration and finding concrete examples to illustrate points 
  • Types of concrete support: examples, quotes (textual support), facts, statistics, anecdotal, etc.
  • Quote integration using direct and indirect quotes and MLA citing conventions
  • Analysis of "classic" five paragraph essays to identify the key components
Course Texts
  • All materials provided by instructor
Course Expectations

This class is considered an...

Academic Workshop

Academic workshop classes will include mostly in-class work with some outside reading and/or homework. Academic workshop classes are Pass/Fail and are added to a student's transcript/report card only by request of the parent after the class is complete using this form. High school workshops will receive 2.5 credits and will receive the OS (Kolbe Summer Course) designation on the Kolbe transcript. Academic workshop classes are limited to a 20 student enrollment maximum.

Course Details:

Section Number


Course Title

Composition Bootcamp (HS)


Ms. Ellen Finnigan

Grade Level 

Rising 9 - 12

  Live Class Meets  

 Three times per week


June 26 - July 19

No class on July 4th


Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursday

Class Period



 9:00 - 9:50 AM PST

12:00 - 12:50 PM EST



Course Type

 Academic Workshop


2.5 (Academic Elective)

Transcript Designation

 Kolbe Summer Course (OS)


 *Academic workshop classes are Pass/Fail and are added to a student's transcript/report card only by request of the parent after the class is complete using this form