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Research Paper Bootcamp (HS)

Students will learn how to write a strong thesis and support that thesis using logical reasoning and concrete support. 

How do I conduct research for a paper/project/assignment in class?  Where do I find sources?  What online/electronic resources are available to me?  How do I evaluate whether or not a source is “credible” and “authoritative”?  If you are interested in learning more about how to conduct quality research, Kolbe’s Online Academy will provide you with the necessary “toolkit” to become a master researcher for your education needs. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Class 1:  Choosing a Topic (Asking “Good” Questions); Creating a Plan

Class 2:  Gathering Sources—Electronic and Print

Class 3:  Evaluating Sources—Is this Information Credible?

Class 4:  Respecting Ownership & Understanding Plagiarism

Class 5:  Writing an Outline

Class 6:  Writing a Rough Draft

Class 7:  Editing and Revising & Final Copy Review

Class 8:  MLA Citation Style—Major Points

This class is considered an…


Our Study Skills mini-workshops meet 7-8 times over the summer.  This class may require a little outside reading and work, but most of the material is practiced within the workshop.  Mini-workshop classes are Pass/Fail and are added to a student’s transcript/report card only by request of the parent after the class is complete using this form. Mini-workshops will receive 1.25 credits and will receive the OS (Kolbe Summer Course) designation on the Kolbe transcript. Junior High students taking this class can have it listed on their grade report if requested by the parent. Mini-Workshop classes are not limited to the typical 20 student maximum enrollment.

Course Details:

Section Number


Course Title

Research Paper Bootcamp (HS)


Mrs. Erin Anderson

Grade Level 

Rising 8 – 12

  Live Class Meets  

 Twice per week


June 23rd – July 16th


Tuesdays & Thursdays

Class Period



8:00-8:50 AM (Pacific) 

11:00-11:50 AM (Eastern)



Course Type



1.25 (Academic Elective)

Transcript Designation

 Kolbe Summer Course (OS)


 *Mini-Workshop classes are Pass/Fail and are added to a student’s transcript/report card only by request of the parent after the class is complete using this form