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Intro to Latin 2

Acquiring a language is difficult business.  This difficulty (which is completely normal for everyone) is especially apparent following an extended absence from daily practice.  In an effort to soften the blow of diving right back into intensive Latin grammar at the beginning of the new school year, we are offering a summer “Intro to Latin 2” course.

This class is designed for students who have spent a year learning the basics of Latin and who are preparing to complete the Latin grammar and to begin translating real texts in their second year.  “Intro to Latin 2” will be valuable both to students who have completed Kolbe Academy’s Henle Latin I program and those who will be coming from another curriculum.  The two basic goals of the course are: 1) review and/or recover the bulk of the grammar from first year Latin, and 2) master, as far as possible, the Henle Book I vocabulary.  Students who complete this course should be fully prepared to begin Unit 9 in the Henle book and will be thoroughly prepared to experience a successful year of Latin learning.

This class is considered an…

Academic Workshop

Academic workshop classes will include mostly in-class work with some outside reading and/or homework.  Academic workshop classes are Pass/Fail and are added to a student’s transcript/report card only by request of the parent after the class is complete using this form.  High school workshops will receive 2.5 credits and will receive the OS (Kolbe Summer Course) designation on the Kolbe transcript.  Academic workshop classes are limited to a 20 student enrollment maximum.

  • Henle, Robert J., S.J. Henle First Year Latin. Loyola Press: Chicago, 1958. (T6061)
  • Henle, Robert J., S.J. Henle Latin Grammar. Loyola Press: Chicago, 1958. (T6060)

Course Details:

Section Number


Course Title

 Intro to Latin 2 


Dr. Jordan Almanzar

Grade Level 

Rising 9 – 12

  Live Class Meets  

Three times per week


June 23rd – July 16th


Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

Class Period



9:00-9:50 AM (Pacific)

12:00-12:50 PM (Eastern)



Course Type

 Academic Workshop 


 2.5 (Academic Elective)

Transcript Designation

Kolbe Summer Course (OS)  


  *Academic workshop classes are Pass/Fail and are 

added to a student’s transcript/report card only by request 

of the parent after the class is complete using this form.