This course is designed to give an understanding of classical physics. Physics is the science of the natural laws of the physical universe, which, like the natural moral law, flow through creation, having as their origin the goodness of God. "The beauty of creation reflects the infinite beauty of the Creator and ought to inspire the respect and submission of man's intellect and will" (New Catechism of the Catholic Church 342).

Course Description

Kolbe Core (K) Physics course of study: The Kolbe Core (K) is conceptual in nature and is recommended to students who may not be interested in pursuing science in college, but who would like to include physics in their high school course of study. Although the course is conceptual in nature, it does include physics rquations and some problem working. The chapters, sections, and problems assigned in this course of study mimic EXACTLY the previous Kinetic Books Conceptual Physics text that Kolbe has carried in previous years. The physics topics included are mechanics, thermodynamics, mechanical waves, electricity and magnetism, light and optics.

Course Expectations

Students taking this course for Kolbe Core (K) credit are expected to complete daily assignments, periodic exams and quizzes.  Kolbe Honors (H) students will go into more depth and cover more material than the Kolbe Core (K) students.

Assignment due-dates and grades are established by the parent.  Optionally, a student may be enrolled in the Self-Paced Plus© grading assistance program to receive grading assistance from a Kolbe Academy faculty or staff member on designated assignments in the course. In this case, parents will still submit final grades to Kolbe for the course, but may choose to incorporate the graded assignments into the student’s overall grade or use the Kolbe-graded assignments to assist in arriving at the student’s final grade.

Course Texts
  • Principles of Physics*, Kinetic Books
  • Virtual Physics Labs, Kinetic Books


*Digital text available only.

Course Plan Sample

Note that this is the digital version of the homeschool course plan, which is found in the course's associated Parent Group.  This course plan is built into the Schoology course for the student. 


Course Details:

Section Number


Grades (Typical)

 9 - 12 (11th, 12th)


Mr. Lenda

Lecture Format

Class Recording



Subscription Length

1 year

Extension may be granted for an additional fee.

Self-Paced Plus


Credits (Type)

 10 (Science with LabSave)

Transcript Designation



Algebra 2

Self-Paced Companion Course


Online Companion Course



Also offered at the Kolbe Honors (H) level.