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Latin 1

Latin is the language of the Church; as such it is an integral part of every Catholic’s heritage.  This course in Latin will give a comprehensive introduction to Latin grammar.  Students will complete the first twenty-eight lessons in Henle First Year Latin.

By diligent work in this course, the student will obtain:

  • A sound foundation of Latin vocabulary
  • An introductory grasp of Latin grammar & syntax
  • Facility in Latin pronunciation
  • An expanded English vocabulary, by understanding etymology of Latin derivatives
  • A reinforced grasp of English grammar through the study of Latin grammar

Topics covered:

  • Verbs
    • All four conjugations
    • Tenses: present & perfect
    • Voices: active & passive
    • Moods: indicative, imperative, & subjunctive
    • Sum
  • Nouns
    • All five declension forms
    • Cases: nominative, genitive, accusative, ablative, & vocative
  • Pronouns
    • Demonstratives
    • Personal
    • Reflexive
    • Relative

Student assignments:

  • Daily vocabulary work throughout the year
  • Composition work
  • Reading & speaking exercises

Students taking this course for Kolbe Core (K) credit are expected to complete daily assignments, periodic exams and quizzes.  Kolbe Honors (H) students will go into more depth and cover more material than the Kolbe Core (K) students.

Assignment due-dates and grades are established by the parent.  Optionally, a student may be enrolled in the Self-Paced Plus© grading assistance program to receive grading assistance from a Kolbe Academy faculty or staff member on designated assignments in the course.  In this case, parents will still submit final grades to Kolbe for the course, but may choose to incorporate the graded assignments into the student’s overall grade or use the Kolbe-graded assignments to assist in arriving at the student’s final grade.

  • Henle First Year Latin, Robert J. Henle, S.J.
  • Henle First Year Latin Answer Key, Robert J. Henle, S.J.
  • Henle Latin Grammar, Robert J. Henle, S.J.

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Self-Paced Plus courses include the following:

  • Grading by a highly qualified teacher for selected assignments (listed below) in the course.
  • Access to teacher through the course’s discussion board.
  • Option to report grade given by the teacher, or to report a grade assigned by parent.
  • The pacing is still established by the parent in conjunction with the student’s goals and academic calendar.
  • Assignments will be graded within 1-2 weeks of the submission date, excluding holiday breaks.  (For the quickest grading, students should turn assignments in incrementally throughout the year.  If a student turns in multiple assignments to be graded at once, expect a response time of 1-2 weeks per assignment submitted.)

Self-Paced Plus Assignment List:

Semester 1 Semester 2
Week 2: Exercise Assignment Week 2: Exercise Assignment
Week 4: Exercise Assignment Week 4: Exercise Assignment
Week 7: Exercise Assignment Week 7: Exercise Assignment
Week 9: Midterm 1 Exam Week 9: Midterm 2 Exam
Week 11: Exercise Assignment Week 11: Exercise Assignment
Week 13: Exercise Assignment Week 13: Exercise Assignment
Week 16: Exercise Assignment Week 16: Exercise Assignment
Week 18: Semester 1 Exam Week 18: Semester 2 Exam


Course Details:

Section Number


Grades (Typical)

9 – 12 (9th)


Dr. Almanzar

Lecture Format




Subscription Length

1 year

Extension may be granted for an additional fee.

Self-Paced Plus


Credits (Type)

10 (Foreign Language)

Transcript Designation


Course Sample Plan

Latin 1

Note: This course plan is built into the
Self-Paced course in a student-friendly format.