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This course is designed to give students an appreciation of creation and of the order and complexity of living things.  The “Core Biology” course will emphasize the basic biological processes of how life systems work.

The science of biology presents the student with some of the bioethical issues that exist in today’s world, such as stem cell research, genetic engineering, and cloning.  It is the role of the parent to discuss these issues with the student and instruct the student in Church Teaching.  We have done our best to point out these controversial issues and to provide guidance on how to address them.

For example, the topic of evolution is studied alongside the Church’s teaching in Humani Generis. Miller and Levine’s Biology book periodically includes an “Issues in Biology” segment which could be used as points of discussion between the student and parent.  It is important to bring in the Church’s teaching on moral and bioethical issues during these discussions.  Projects have been assigned during some weeks so that the student can explore the Church’s teachings on controversial topics on their own.

This course is typically done in 9th or 10th grade and includes the following topics:

  • Nature of life
  • Ecology
  • Cells
  • Genetics
  • Evolutionary theory
  • Microorganisms & fungi
  • Plants
  • Invertebrates
  • Chordates
  • Human body

Students taking this course for Kolbe Core (K) credit are expected to complete daily assignments, periodic exams, and quizzes.  Kolbe Honors (H) students will go into more depth and cover more material than the Kolbe Core (K) students.

Assignment due-dates and grades are established by the parent.  Optionally, a student may be enrolled in the Self-Paced Plus© grading assistance program to receive grading assistance from a Kolbe Academy faculty or staff member on designated assignments in the course.  In this case, parents will still submit final grades to Kolbe for the course, but may choose to incorporate the graded assignments into the student’s overall grade or use the Kolbe-graded assignments to assist in arriving at the student’s final grade.

  • Biology, Miller and Levine (e-text and hardback versions available)
  • Labster Virtual Biology Lab
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Chance or Purpose? Creation, Evolution, & a Rational Faith, Christoph Cardinal Shoenborn
  • MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers

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Optional Materials

Digital copies are provided in the Parent Group of the Self-Paced course.  Physical copies are available for purchase in the Kolbe Bookstore.

  • Biology Course Plan & Tests, Kolbe Academy Publishing
  • Biology Answer Key, Kolbe Academy Publishing
  • Humani Generis Study Guide, Kolbe Academy Publishing
  • Lab Report Writing Guide, Kolbe Academy Publishing

Self-Paced Plus courses include the following:

  • Grading by a highly qualified teacher for selected assignments (listed below) in the course.
  • Access to teacher through the course’s discussion board.
  • Option to report grade given by the teacher, or to report a grade assigned by parent.
  • The pacing is still established by the parent in conjunction with the student’s goals and academic calendar.
  • Assignments will be graded within 1-2 weeks of the submission date, excluding holiday breaks.  (For the quickest grading, students should turn assignments in incrementally throughout the year.  If a student turns in multiple assignments to be graded at once, expect a response time of 1-2 weeks per assignment submitted.)

Self-Paced Plus Assignment List:

Semester 1 Semester 2
Week 6: Project Week 6: Exam 4
Week 7: Exam 1 Week 11: Exam 5
Week 11: Exam 2 Week 12: Project
Week 18: Exam 3 Week 18: Exam 6
Three Lab Reports chosen by parent Three Lab Reports chosen by parent


Course Details:

Section Number


Grades (Typical)

9 – 12 (9th, 10th)


Mrs. Hoxie

Lecture Format




Subscription Length

1 year

Extension may be granted for an additional fee.

Self-Paced Plus


Credits (Type)

10 (Science)

Transcript Designation


Introduction to Physics and Chemistry 
highly recommended.


Also offered at the Kolbe Honors (H) level.

Course Plan Sample


Note: This course plan is built into the
Self-Paced course in a student-friendly format.