English 7

Seventh Grade English is designed to teach students to speak and write correctly and effectively. Students should progress, at this level, to an understanding of English grammar that should suffice for a lifetime of general usage.

In this course, the student will review what he learned in previous grades and build on it.  Everything learned in English should be applied and reinforced in the student’s reading, composition, spelling, and vocabulary.  

Students will diagram sentences and develop their ability to work with synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, homographs, prefixes, suffixes, roots, denotation, connotation, literal usage, figurative usage, and analogies.  Students will develop their composition skills using the Sadlier Writing Workshop series to aid the student in developing composition skills including developing thoughts in a logical manner, both for speaking and writing; writing narrative, informative, descriptive, and persuasive paragraphs and essays; test taking; and writing for different purposes, such as a newspaper, letters, research reports, and analyzing literature.  

Students taking this course will have a mid-term and final exam each semester.  Additionally, students should expect to have daily reading and minor weekly written assignments or quizzes.

Assignment due-dates and grades are established by the parent.  Optionally, a student may be enrolled in the Self-Paced Plus© grading assistance program to receive grading assistance from a Kolbe Academy faculty or staff member on designated assignments in the course. In this case, parents will still submit final grades to Kolbe for the course, but may choose to incorporate the graded assignments into the student’s overall grade or use the Kolbe-graded assignments to assist in arriving at the student’s final grade.

  • Lepanto Grammar 7, Student Textbook, Lepanto Press
  • Lepanto Grammar 7, Teacher Answer Key, Lepanto Press
  • Writing Workshop Level B, Student Book, Sadlier-Oxford
  • Writing Workshop Level B, Teacher Answer Key, Sadlier-Oxford
  • Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop B – Enriched Edition, Student Book, Sadlier-Oxford
  • Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop B – Enriched Edition, Teacher Manual, Sadlier-Oxford

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Note that this is the digital version of the homeschool course plan, which is found in the course’s associated Parent Group.  This course plan is built into the Schoology course for the student. 

English 7 Semester Sample Course Plan

Course Details:

Section Number


Grades (Typical)

7 – 8 (7th) 


Mrs. Hall

Lecture Format




Subscription Length

1 year

Extension may be granted for an additional fee.

Self-Paced Plus


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