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How to Turn off Parent Schoology Overdue Assignment Notifications

If you don’t want to receive email notifications of overdue assignments from your Parent Schoology account, you can disable the notification.  NOTE:  This option turns

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Activating Your Parent Schoology Account

Once a Kolbe administrator has created your Schoology parent account, you will receive an email notification with your login information.   Open the email and

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Logging In to Your Schoology Parent Account

This article walks you through how to log in to your Schoology Parent account for the first time and explains how to request a password reset for

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Schoology Parent Account Settings and Notifications

This article shows parents and primary educators how to update account settings, notifications, and the user’s personal profile. IN THIS ARTICLE: Changing Your Password Updating the Time Zone Setting Parent Email Notifications Updating the Parent Profile Changing Your Password To

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Schoology Parent View

Keeping track of school-wide updates, participating in group discussions, and accessing teacher materials for self-paced courses are just some of the things that can be

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Schoology Student View (Parent Account)

Parents and primary educators can track their student’s progress in online and self-paced courses from the student view within the Schoology Parent account.  Note that the

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Schoology Online Parent Group

If your student is enrolled in one or more online courses at Kolbe Academy, you will be included in an “Online Parents” group, which will

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Schoology Online Course Quizzes and Assessments

Throughout the school year, your teacher will administer quizzes.  These quizzes will likely be administered directly through Schoology, and will be represented by the icon

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