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Using the Adobe Connect Application

This page discusses how students can access their Adobe Connect virtual classrooms directly from the Adobe Connect application, which is the recommended method.  If your

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Using Adobe Connect from a Browser

Adobe Connect classrooms can be opened from within a browser.  This method is especially useful for students who do not have systems that are compatible

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Adobe Connect Classroom Overview

Adobe Connect is the platform Kolbe Academy utilizes for its online classroom environment.  Students taking Online courses will log in to this platform at a

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Adobe Connect Classroom Troubleshooting

If Adobe Connect is not set up correctly or if a recent update has been made to the platform, you may experience issues during class. 

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Adobe Connect Application and Browser Set Up

Once you have successfully  logged in to your Adobe Connect account  and have verified that your time zone settings are correct, it’s time to download and install the required Adobe Connect application

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Logging In & Getting Started with Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is heavily utilized by Kolbe’s online students, as it is the platform used for the virtual classroom environment.  This article covers the very

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