Kolbe Academy is a full service curriculum provider and book store that offers a variety of customizable options) from highly structured to extremely flexible and everything in between) to support parents in home schooling their children. Parents may choose the level of service that best suits their needs:

Full Enrollment

  • You choose the curriculum: Kolbe home school courses (included with enrollment fee), Kolbe online academy courses, Kolbe self-paced courses, your own, someone else's, college courses, and more. We keep track of your grades and transcripts, issue diplomas, offer advice on anything from how to manage your home schooling to applying to college.
  • This option can be as structured (follow the Kolbe course plans exactly and earn a Summa Cum Laude diploma) or flexible (pick and choose your curriculum and earn either the Magna Cum Laude or Standard diploma) as the parent desires.

    Available for grades K-12.

Kolbe Academy Full Enrollment Tuition

Full Enrollment Tuition


Oldest Student Additional Students

High School

$349 $299

Grades 6-8

$339 $289

Grades 1-5

$329 $279


$179 $149
You never pay Full Enrollment Tuition for more than 5 students!

Online Courses:

  • You choose the courses to enroll in; we keep track of your grades and transcripts. You'll be able to fully interact with your instructors, receiving feedback and guidance when needed.
  • These courses are highly structured. The online instructors will be assigning and grading all work and will issue final grades for the student.
  • The student will be required to attend a live class once or twice per week (depending on the course), complete and turn in work outside of class time (4-7 hours per week, depending on the course), actively participate in the class, and complete exams.
  • Parents can choose to use these courses towards a Kolbe diploma by fully enrolling.
  • Fully enrolled students completing Online Academy courses will receive credit on their transcripts towards the diploma requirements for any of the three types of diplomas that Kolbe offers. 

Available for grades 7-12.

Online Course Offerings

Online Course Tuition

Online Course Type


Junior High

High School







Online Supplemental Courses

Foreign Language Oral Lab 

Math Skills Lab

Science Lab 

$399 each

Self-Paced Courses:

  • These full-year courses include video recordings and self-graded weekly quizzes by our online teachers. Each course also includes the corresponding home school syllabus and course plan for the parent.
  • Parents may choose to do all the grading for the student, or enroll the student in the "Self-Paced Plus" program to have a teacher grade select assignments.   
  • Students will have access to the course for one full school year. 
  • These courses are highly flexible as students can watch recordings and complete assignments at their own pace.
  • Each self-paced course enrollment will result in a discount toward Full Enrollment fees.
  • Fully enrolled students completing Self-Paced courses will receive credit on their transcripts towards the diploma requirements for any of the three types of diplomas that Kolbe offers. 

Available for grades 7-12.

Self-Paced Course Offerings

Self-Paced Course Tuition

Junior HighHigh School




Self-Paced Plus Tuition

Add our optional self-paced plus grading service onto any self-paced course.  

Junior HighHigh School



 Enhanced Evaluation Service (EES):

  • This service provides grading support for parents while allowing them to maintain complete flexibility and control over final grades.
  • Parents may choose to have Kolbe's Academic Advisors grade either 20 or 40 samples per year for their family.
  • Students will receive detailed feedback on each assignment turned in and parents will decide how to incorporate the suggested grade received into the final grade.

    Must be enrolled in one or more courses to purchase this service. Available for grades 3-12.

Enhanced Evaluation Tuition

May be used for multiple childrenGrades 3-12

20 Graded Samples

$399/Per Family

Only $19.95/sample! 

40 Graded Samples

Best Value!

$599/Per Family

Only $14.98/sample!