Self-Paced Demo

Follow the 3 steps below to tour our Self-Paced and Self-Paced Plus courses*!

Step 1

Visit, then hover over "Sign Up" and select "Student".  If you already have a Schoology account, you may log in with your current account, then skip to Step 3.

sign up 0.png

Step 2

If you are signing up for the first time, you will be prompted to enter an access code.  Choose a course's access code contained in the email received from Kolbe, and paste it into the "Access Code" box in Schoology.  (You will be able to enter additional access codes for other courses later.)

Enter the sign up information.  Make sure to use the parent birth date, not the birth date of your child when siging up.  And, if possible, we recommend that you use an alternate email address rather than your main one), then click the "Register" button to gain access to the Self-Paced demo site.
sign up 1.png

If this is your first time logging into this Schoology account, you will be brought to the course's page - feel free to stop here and take a look around!  To add and tour other demo courses, move on to Step 3

Step 3

To add more demo courses, copy an access code from the Access Codes section.  Head back over to the Schoology page and click the "Courses" button on the page's main menu, then click "Join" (located on the bottom left of the drop-down menu).

join courses 0.png

Enter the access code you copied form the Access Codes section and click "Join". 

join courses 1.png

Repeat this process for as many of our demo courses you want to tour.

*Note: The Self-Paced demo site only previews student content.  Each Self-Paced course also includes access to an associated Parent Group, which allows the parent/primary educator to fully administer the course.  Parent Groups contain exams, exam answer keys, and other materials needed to complete the coursework.