Science in the Light of Faith with Dr. Stacy Trasancos

August 15, 2016

Free Online Seminars with Dr. Stacy Trasancos, Kolbe Academy Science Department Chair. These two informal and engaging lectures will help you discuss: Does the Big Bang prove God? Does quantum mechanics explain free will? Can a Christian accept the theory of evolution? When does a human life begin?

Please join us on Wednesday, August 17th at 11 AM Eastern (8 AM Pacific) and Thursday, August 18th at 11 AM Eastern (8 AM Pacific) to hear Dr. Trasancos speak about faith and science.  Register for the event by going to this event registration page.

Dr. Trasancos is a frequent guest on Catholic radio, including SiriusXM The Catholic Channel, Relevant Radio, EWTN Global Catholic Network, and Breadbox Media, and writer at EWTN’s National Catholic Register.

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