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Best Practices for Ordering Books

Dear Online Families,

Book orders are coming in and we wanted to share some best practices for ordering books:

Step One: Look at your Course Page on the website (Start HERE). View your specific course or grade level page by using the left column which is sorted by High School, Middle School and Elementary. These pages will have a list of the books needed.

Grades K-5: books will be listed on the course pages to the left. Start HERE for Kindergarten, choose your child’s grade level in the left hand column (Kindergarten through 5th Grade).

Grades 6-12: copy the course code to search in the bookstore (only copy the course code, not the section number) as shown below:

Below are screenshots on where to find the book lists:

Where to find book lists for Elementary:

Where to find book lists for Middle SchoolHigh School:


Step Two: Cross check your order with the list of required books (You may use the “Order Books” buttons on the course pages, but please be sure to cross check against the list of required books). 

Step Three: Finalize your order.

Step Four: Proceed to check out and use your book credit if you are enrolled in Full-Time Online. Books credits will be emailed soon if you have not received yours.


If you would like assistance, please feel free to give us a call at 707-255-6499, ext 4.

Ad majoram Dei gloriam!